Our Careteam

Dr. Margaret Anderson
Practice Owner, Veterinarian
Dr. Margaret Anderson has loved horses ever since she was a little girl. That passion simply never wavered—she’s always wanted to help pets in whatever way she could. Dr. Anderson was only 13 years old when she decided that she would one day become a professional animal doctor! Now, she’s proud to better the lives of pets and animal parents as the lead veterinarian and owner of Benson Animal Hospital.

Dr. Anderson is originally from eastern North Carolina, and grew up in the mountains of Asheville before moving to Raleigh for her collegiate studies. She attended North Carolina State University for her undergraduate coursework, and was then accepted into the University’s veterinary school—Dr. Anderson completed her studies in 1988 and has been a practicing veterinarian ever since. She has particular interests in surgical work and preventative care, but her favorite part of the job is educating pet owners about their beloved companions’ health and wellness needs.

When she’s not helping pets and animal owners here at the hospital, Dr. Anderson enjoys reading mystery novels, visiting national parks and zoos with her family, and enjoying the company of her own pets at home. Along with her husband, Anthony, and their two daughters, Erica and Amilia, Dr. Anderson shares her life with five cats, a pair of dogs, two potbellied pigs, a guinea pig, a turkey, and a chicken!