Tips for Taking Fido to the Groomer

Do you take your dog to the groomer’s? There are some great benefits for taking Fido to the salon. You will save yourself quite a lot of time and effort, while keeping your furry buddy clean and soft. Read on for some great tips from a local Dunn, NC vet on taking your pooch to the doggy salon.

Instill Good Grooming Habits

If Fido is only groomed at the salon, the experience will be much more stressful for him than it would be if he’s already used to being groomed. Even if you take your pup to the groomer for his baths, you’ll still want to occasionally bathe him at home. Offer him praise, treats, and toys after, so he forms a positive association with the process.

Choose The Right Groomer

Choosing the right groomer for your dog is in many ways like finding a hairdresser for yourself. While there are many great professionals out there, some will simply be a better fit for you than others. Do a bit of research on the groomer. Look for good reviews, and ask your vet and your friends and family members for referrals. You can also just stop in and look around, and get a feel for the place.

Special Instructions

Every dog is different. Some pooches require medical grooming procedures, such as anal gland expression or ear hair trims. Others may be sensitive to smells, and should only be bathed with unscented products. Or, you might have a cute haircut in mind for your canine buddy. Put any specific instructions in writing, and confirm them vocally. You’ll also need to inform your groomer of any medical issues Fido has. (Note: this may not apply if you groom at your vet’s, as they may have that information already.)

Drop Off and Pickup

When you drop Fido off, he may give you a sad look, and make you feel bad. Don’t spend time on drawn-out goodbyes: just keep your farewell short and sweet. Otherwise, you’ll just make it harder on your canine companion. When you pick your furry friend up, give him a special treat or a new toy to get his tail wagging again. Then, go home and enjoy some cuddle time with your clean, fresh-smelling pet.

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